DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Cats Stickers Modern Art Watch 12S017


Brand: MAX3

Product Description

Huge 3D DIY Mirror Sticker Big Cat Paws Wall Clock For Living Room and Modern


- Cat Paws, specially for pet and cat lovers.

- Stylish DIY wall clock complete set
- Gives realistic 3D effect on the wall.
- Made of Foam material. Mirror Effect (silver colour)
- Easy to install
- Powered by AA battery (not included)
- Comes with operation manual
- Enjoy the great fun on DIY

- Clock Dimension:
►Hour hand: 31.5cm /12.4"             
►Minute hand: 39cm / 15.3"
►Clock machine: 12cm/ 4.9"
►The minimum achieving is: 63cm x 63cm / 24.8" x 24.8".

►You can make it paste larger size 100cmx100cm / 39" x39" (even more about 120cm dia)

The clock final decoration size is decided by how you want to decorate you walls. And images are for demo purpose only.

- Colour Options, please select from the variation that we have given on the top of the listing. 
- Battery Powered AA battery (not included)

How to Install? (please see the given image in gallery on top of the page)

STEP1:Fasten the clock movement on the wall
STEP2:peel off protection film from mirror,stick it on the EVA number.Cover the clock movement with the auxiliary scale,stick the numbers at the right site according to the scale.
STEP3:Take down the clock movement,fixing the hour hand ,then minute hand.Tips:press the clock hands into the clock axle and point at 12 o'clock.
STEP4:Adjust the time by button on the clock movement and install the battery.
STEP5:Hanging the clock movement on the wall.
STEP6:Well done!You can enjoy your art-work now.